Redemption ranch

Birthday Parties:

    We would love to celebrate a friend, family member, or your own birthday with you. We have package deals for you to pick from. We understand some options may vary so if you have any questions or concerns about the packages you are always welcome to contact us and discuss it with you. 

Group Rides:

    We enjoy taking a day to relax around the ranch and connect with our horses during a peaceful ride. Come join us on a group ride, whether you have never rode a horse before or you're experienced with riding we would love to introduce you to our horses and let you embrace a remarkable ride with one of God's most beautiful creations. We are flexible with the rates so if you have any questions of concerns feel free to contact us.

Birthday Packages:

-Basic: $75 includes: plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths, ice, balloons, streamers

-Themed: $125 any theme you would like (examples: cowboy, cowgirl, princess, star wars, disney)

-"The Works": $175 includes basic package, theme package along with access to grill and bonfire

Group Rides:

-2/3 hours: $150 for the first 10 people. $15 a person after the first 10.

-4/5 hours: $250 for the first 10 people. $20 per person after the first 10. 

We also do individual rates for $10/per hour.

Events/rides should be scheduled at the latest 1 week ahead of the desired event date. Any cancellations should be made no later than 48 hours ahead of time. A nonrefundable deposit of $35 is required at time of booking.